Product Management to optimize opportunity in education Publishing.

Consulting and Services

Our services are guided by out-of-the-box thinking.  Some of the services we offer:


  • Editorial strategy for list management and planning
    Providing the services of an Editorial Director, analysis of best plan for revision, acquisition as well as pruning the publishing plan can be provided.

  • Editorial best practices for product development-first editions and revisions
    Providing the services of a expert Publisher, including product development processes, best practices, and formal tools to reference through creation to the successful product launch.

  • Editorial product development for key product and titles
    Providing the services of a seasoned Editor, product development through the launch for key product within your offering.

  • Product management for digital product in higher education markets - new product and new releases offering new services and features
    Utilizing market knowledge and product management skills, management of a new product launch services available as well as new releases with innovative features and services building upon your product roadmap.

  • Consultation on the best structure for your editorial and product management departments, defining roles and processes to meet your needs, goals, and budgets. 


Consulting projects are customized to clients’ needs. Some project categories:


  • Market research through strategic online surveys (professor and student), one-on-one interviews, and focus groups to create a product plan and launch plan

  • Working closely with a publishing team to ensure success of publishing goal and launch, which may include market research, acquisition, development, launch and messaging of textbooks, packages, and digital products

  • Revamp a group/department for greater clarity of goals, position responsibilities, and efficiencies in editorial product management

  • Adapt successful digital product from one discipline in another discipline, i.e. product management of large cross-discipline digital product

  • E-book platform product management, including creation of features that ensure sales such as integrated homework, quizzing and assessment, animation/videos, resources, links and community creation of content

  • Creation of undergraduate direct-to-student subscription sites, e.g. creation of services and products with social media opportunities tailored to course, discipline, or cluster of related lower division courses

  • Development and product management of content related to online homework systems, in particular in science, math, and business areas

  • Strategic planning and processes to maximize outcomes, assessment and taxonomies within e-content and e-curriculum

  • Creation of a research design to collect data on grade improvement of key product, e.g. digital product related to homework and preparation for tests